Comwin UV lamp.
R & D and production of various low-pressure UV lamps with more than 1,000 varieties and specifications.
Unique mercury vapor pressure control technology ensures high UV intensity of the lamp.
Advanced light decay control technology ensures long life and high output of the lamp.
The conversion efficiency of the ultraviolet lamp is high, the ultraviolet lamp has a wide temperature characteristic (strong environmental adaptability), and the ultraviolet efficiency is high.

Electronic ballast: the matching performance of the ballast and the ultraviolet lamp is good.
Starting characteristic matching: preheating design matching, ballast starting voltage matching.
Steady-state operation: matching discharge current, moderate or low hot spot temperature.
Reliability design of electronic ballast: sufficient design margin, good quality of original components, stable performance, good reliability and high cost performance.
Complete abnormal protection circuit.


UV Disinfection Technology

COMCLER new ozone disinfection technology.
The technology that 185nm ultraviolet rays excite O? to produce O? is stable compared to a discharging- type ozone generator and is little affected by environmental humidity, and does not produce toxic by-products such as nitrogen oxides, nitric acid and nitrate.
Sufficient battery capacity guarantees O? concentration and O? disinfection time; O? is easy to spread, and the fan accelerates O? penetration to ensure the killing effect on various microorganisms.
After disinfection, the O? concentration is lower than the safe value, meet the standard requirements and safety.
Small body and large energy.

Air Purifier

Wall-mounted instantaneous cleaning light composite air purifier disinfector

Efficiently remove PM2.5
Efficient sterilization
Efficiently remove formaldehyde
No Ozone
Three-dimensional large cycle
No UV leakage

Application of COMCLER

(COMCLER) new ozone disinfection technology; ozone disinfection and ozone reduction technology, which can penetrate the inside of objects for thorough disinfection; suitable for safe disinfection and deodorization of various items in small enclosed spaces.

Design, Research and Development

Unique electric mercury vapor pressure control technology and professional UV detection equipment, a R&D team of multi-professional and technical personnel such as light source technology and equipment manufacturing. The editor-in-chief of international standards, a national-level intellectual property advantage enterprise, and a number of international invention patents.

Production and Application

15 years of professional UV technology, provide OEM and ODM services for customers, long-term strategic partners of many well-known large enterprises at home and abroad.

Customer service